Pilot progressively, grow sustainably

Future technologies require extensive research and diverse testing opportunities - preferably in real environments.

Organisations in South Karelia act as your trusted partners, offering excellent opportunities for research, experiment, develop as well as for expanding  your business in a sustainable way, using international excellence.We are committed to helping you develop your business and build various cross-industry pilots, especially from the perspective of sustainable development and green transition. Ask our experts for more information about the opportunities in South Karelia!

Growth through international expertise

In addition to sustainable business development the award-winning LUT University offers companies measurement and analysis, tailored research and opportunities to join large-scale publicly funded research projects.At the heart of LUT's expertise are mechanical, materials and manufacturing engineering, electrical and energy engineering and separation methods for industry. LUT offers internationally recognised, state-of-the-art scientific expertise and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure for business use.

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LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lappeenranta is one of the leading players in the field of commercialisation of research and innovation in higher education. LAB offers companies a wide range of testing and expertise services in areas such as mechanical design, manufacturing engineering, materials testing, sound, laser and building physics measurements. Lappeenranta is home to laboratories for civil engineering, plastics and materials engineering, among others. LAB, a development partner of EKHVA, also provides an innovation, testing and development environment for welfare technologies.

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Several major development environments

The South Karelia region has made multi-million investments in electrical application testing infrastructure and environments. Yaskawa's LDTC (Large Drive Test Center), LUT's high-speed laboratory and Danfoss' EMC test laboratory and product testing unit for electric motors form a versatile, world-class electrification RDI environment for industrial needs.

Several large companies have concentrated their research activities in South Karelia, the largest of which is UPM's 170-strong growth business research unit in Lappeenranta. Stora Enso's research centre for packaging materials innovation and research in Finland is located in Imatra. In addition, Metso Outotec's Lappeenranta plant is home to a dewatering technology centre.

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Cross-sectoral test laboratory

Through pilots in real environments, South Karelia enables more advanced testing and development. We act as a large-scale test laboratory, where companies can test and develop innovation into workable solutions.Great examples of such cooperation include:

  • Urban Infra Revolution, which has developed a new material by combining forestry and mining side streams
  • An energy storage system developed in cooperation between the City of Lappeenranta and Elstor Oy, where energy is stored directly as heat
  • A virtual power plant, introduced in Lappeenranta's buildings to balance the consumption flexibility of the electricity network.
  • St1 Power-to-Methanol Lappeenranta project to develop a scalable and replicable synthetic methanol production concept
In addition, the central municipalities of South Karelia are committed to developing Finland and the Lappeenranta-Imatra region into an innovation cluster for green electrification, including energy-efficient electricity use, carbon-neutral synthetic fuel and biofuel production methods, smart and flexible electricity grids and buildings, and the construction of a small-scale reactor ecosystem.

South Karelia's agile experimental environments in figures:

Since 2017, more than
million in new investments

With EU funding, your business can get up to
40 %
for investments in premises and equipment

TEM has granted
35,4 million.
to the St1 Power-to-Methanol Lappeenranta project.

LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences campuses more than
16 500
students and more than 1800 experts.

Companies acquired 
4,6 million
worth of research expertise and training services from LUT (2021).

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