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Grow sustainably and pilot progressively here at South Karelia, Finland. We have everything you need on your path to future growth!

Expanding or relocating your company to a different location might raise concerns, which revolve around the availability of facilities and land, the safety of the region, accessibility of skilled workforce - and the overall cost level.

In South Karelia, Finland, there is an abundance of industries and companies utilizing modern technology - and we are happy to host more. We have high-level expertise, available plots and premises, excellent infrastructure, comprehensive development services, and a large pool of students and experts to help businessess thrive.

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High-quality education, research and expertise

Is your company interested in enhancing and expanding its business by leveraging top-tier expertise? 

Finlands number one sustainably focused university, internationally respected Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT)   is renowned for its high-level research regarding clean air, water and energy - both basic and applied research. LUT and LAB University of Applied Sciences as well ass Saimaa Vocational College Sampo educate a top-notch professionals who, already during their studies, help develop businesses and products while identifying new business opportunities. LUT’s particular strengths include energy and environmental technology, material sciences, bioenergy and the circular economy.

Sustainable future

The European Commission has recognised South Karelia as an internationally networked region with high technology and climate goals. The central cities of South Karelia, Lappeenranta and Imatra, are also committed to building a sustainable future. The cities support companies through a diverse range of services from business development and financial guidance to services that provide plots and commercial premises, for example.

By investing in South Karelia, your company will benefit from all opportunities in Finnish business environment as well as become a part of the leading edge international development in responsibility and sustainability.


Room for business and creating something new

South Karelia boasts a wealth of commercial properties, zoned plots and easily customizable business buildings, premises and industrial halls to suit a wide range of business operations. The rapidly developing region is committed to providing a constant stream of new opportunities for entrepreneurship through construction and zoning. 

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Nationally and internationally connected

Along the highway that connects the region of South Karelia, there are numerous plots that have been zoned for industrial purposes. The improved Main Road 6, double track railway, faster eastern railway, busy harbour traffic and international airport enable a diverse range of mobility and business. The regionalso invests in development to ensure smooth transport to locations such as the export-oriented Port of HaminaKotka and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, which is only a couple of hours away.


A favourable area for living and growing

The uncongested environment with excellent services provides a wide range of opportunities for building a life that matches your needs. The lack of congestion and shorter distances make day-to-day activities faster, and the region of South Karelia, which is known for its safety and peaceful living, is committed to continued investments in day care, school and recreational opportunities. In addition to this, the region features a wealth of homes and plots in lush landscapes by the beautiful shores of Lake Saimaa and spectacular areas for outdoor recreation.

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