A region of peaceful nature and modern technology 

Offer your professionals a place to breathe in the middle of developing the future and in the peace of nature - at the same time.

South Karelia's robust solid business-driven ICT network is growing sustainably and generating vitality across organisational boundaries. Locating in the region gives a competitive advantage not only through good infrastructure and networking, but also by providing a safe and easy living for valuable employees.

Remote working opportunities have brought a new dimension to digital business. Find a home for your business or your key players from South Karelia.

Better working & better living

It is well known that the most important resource of a specialist company is its employees. A peaceful and inspiring working environment, both inside and outside the office, enables them to focus on their work, unleash their creativity and supports their recovery from work. South Karelia offers the perfect environment for all this. Just a couple of hours from the capital, you'll find that you have much more time for hobbies, family activities and evenings out - all in the beautiful scenery of the Saimaa shore. Commuting to meetings is easy with public transport, excellent train connections or even by bike. In South Karelia you get more and better of everything.
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Shared benefits from the ICT cluster

South Karelia is home a vast amount of ICT companies and entrepreneurs, providing top-quality services that transcend industry boundaries, both nationally and internationally. The joint activities of the ICT cluster are being developed and expanded by a number of leading companies.

Top companies in the region include for example GoFore, Twoday, Visma Solutions and Syncron Tech. In addition, start-ups from the LUT are constantly emerging in the sector, including Vipetec, a software company in the automation sector, and Severa, which has grown into Visma Solutions.

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High-quality expertise now and in the future 

LUT University, LAB University of Applied Sciences and Saimaa Vocational College Sampo graduate a number of top students every year, who already during their studies help to develop companies' business and products and find new business opportunities. Experts in areas such as programming, and software development, network technologies and data communications and databases graduate from the universities each year.

The students, staff, skills and research carried out on the campus can make a significant contribution to a business located in South Karelia.


A business needs more than just square meters

Working remotely in the beautiful lake scenery of Lake Saimaa can be a daily reality. The uncongested environment with excellent basic services offers plenty of opportunities to build a life of your own. There are agile coworking spaces and spacious offices to suit every need. The LUT University and the LAB University of Applied Sciences also offer space for businesses.

South Karelia is investing in the development of free business services, and the central municipalities are able to provide support, even in a short timeframe, in finding premises, financing, labour, networks and business partners. Joint recruitment campaigns are regularly organised in different sectors to attract new talent to the region.

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