A region of future technology

Grow sustainably and pilot progressively here at South Karelia, Finland. We have everything you need to continue on your path to future growth!

Invest in the energy sources of the future

South Karelia offers energy companies the best environment to grow and develop as part of green energy transition and green electrification. Here you are able to locate at the source of ever-evolving forms of energy production.

invest-in-karjala-Wind turbines-Lappeenranta

Future technologies, beautiful nature and peaceful lifestyle

South Karelia's solid business-oriented ICT network is growing sustainably and generating vitality across organisational boundaries. Remote working opportunities have brought a new dimension to digital business. Locating in the region gives a competitive advantage not only through networking, but also by providing their valuable employees with excellent opportunities for good living. 

Pilot progressively, grow sustainably

South Karelia acts as a reliable partner, offering excellent opportunities to research, experiment, develop and expand your business in a sustainable way, drawing on international excellence. We are committed to helping in business development and building various cross-industry pilots, especially from the perspective of sustainable development and green transition.


A forerunner in the bioeconomy

Did you know that one of the world's largest forest industry clusters is located in South Karelia? South Karelia's bioeconomy cluster includes internationally operating private companies, research institutes, top tier universities and public actors. Under the leadership of companies driving the development,  the region has been transformed into a modern circular economy and bioeconomy business region.

South Karelia KPI's

companies (2022)

Labour force more than
50 000

In the Lappeenranta and Imatra campuses, more than
15 000

With EU funding for your business, up to
support for investments in premises and equipment

The municipalities of South Karelia
million euros worth of purchases per year

Business land prices
3-20 €/m²
in the provincial area

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