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South Karelia provides an excellent environment for energy cluster businesses to grow and develop -  and be an active part in the green electrification field. 

The campus area of LUT and LAB University of Applied Sciences produces a wealth of research, product development and talent related to clean energy, water and air. The South Karelia region's business base and talent pool supports the modern energy industry.

The core the regions expertise lies in research and education in electrical engineering and electrification, which are key elements in making business and production more responsible, sustainable and efficient.


The best place to develop a sustainable future

The central municipalities of South Karelia are committed to developing Finland and the Lappeenranta-Imatra region into an innovation hub for green electrification. The advances currently being made include energy-efficient electricity use, carbon-neutral synthetic fuel and biofuel production methods, smart and flexible electricity grids and buildings, and the construction of a small-scale reactor (SMR) ecosystem.

We are a comfortably-sized region with vast international network that ensures impact and influence.


Resources, networks and advocacy

The region has significant renewable electricity generation potential, abundant bio-based carbon dioxide, and a large technical and labour force to support companies in the energy value chain.

The business-driven energy and environment network Greenreality Network is creating growth for its members and the region, while the hydrogen economy is promoted by Finnish Hydrogen Valley Association (Vetylaakso ry), a hydrogen economy promoter established in 2023.

Training and excellence in electrical and energy engineering

In recent years, South Karelia has developed into a strong research and development environment, particularly in the field of renewable energy. The region is home to a number of research institutes and companies actively engaged in research and development, particularly in energy efficiency, renewable energy and innovative energy solutions. Our region's strong expertise in the bioeconomy, energy technology and clean technology solutions provides an excellent basis for the development of, for example, the hydrogen economy.

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At the heart of green electrification

Electrical engineering is a particularly key sector for modern and future technology and energy production. LUT University is a strong player in this field, and its expertise and research opens up numerous opportunities for companies in South Karelia and throughout Finland. LUT graduates focus on a wide range of systems, technologies and strategies related to electricity and energy.

Extensive testing environment

The South Karelia region has made multimillion-dollar investments in electrical testing infrastructure and environments. Yaskawa's LDTC (Large Drive Test Center), LUT's high-speed laboratory and Danfoss' EMC test laboratory and product testing unit for electric motors form a versatile, world-class electrification RDI environment for industry.

Businesses are confident in the region's potential

The green electrification cluster that has formed in South Karelia includes many exciting projects, one of the most significant being Finland's first hydrogen pipeline, which, when completed, will run from Kemira's Joutseno plant to the Ovako steelworks in Imatra. Also in Imatra, the carbon-neutral business park Mioni will be the first of its kind in Finland.

On land and at sea, powered by methanol

Energy company St1 is planning Finland's first synthetic methanol plant at the Finnsement factory in the Ihalainen mining area in Lappeenranta. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has granted €35.4 million in funding for the St1 Power-to-Methanol Lappeenranta project, which is designed to produce renewable synthetic methanol to replace fossil fuels, for marine and road transport. St1's objective in the commercial-scale pilot project is to develop a replicable and scalable synthetic methanol production concept.

Nuclear power for the university

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT) is to acquire a small nuclear power plant for research use in Lappeenranta. In mid-December 2022, LUT signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a small nuclear power plant with the US company Ultra Save Nuclear Corporation. The reactor is expected to be completed before 2030.

The energy environment of South Karelia in figures:

Wind power potential of the region
terawatt hours per year (LUT study 2022)

Solar energy production potential of the region
terawatt hours per year (LUT study 2022)

granted by TEM
million to the St1 Power-to-Methanol Lappeenranta project

EU funding can provide your business with up to
for investments in office and production space, machinery and equipment.

South Karelia region attracted over
million in industrial investment since 2017

The LUT and LAB campuses have more than
16 500
students and more than 1800 experts.

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